Experienced. Innovative. Driven.


Craig Arnold

President – CEO

Lifelong Entrepreneur
Founder of 5 companies
Innovative Thinker
Branding Strategist
Marketing Expert
Disciple of Creativity and Risk
Defender of the Customer
Black Belt in Kenpo
Rescue Scuba Diver

Craig believes relentless innovation, fresh ideas, and a comprehensive understanding of human behavior are key to creating durable, competitive insurance programs that significantly benefit the association and its members. At Princeton, Craig leads a team of aggressive, smart change makers who have developed a repeatable model for building multi-million dollar group insurance programs for our clients.

Craig began his insurance career in 1986 and since that time has been privileged to work with some of the best insurance companies and brokers in the association group insurance business. Having turned Princeton into a highly nimble, efficient organization, Craig continues to push for remarkable outcomes by focusing on growth through creativity, differentiated strategies, and intelligence – all designed to benefit Princeton’s clients and insurance partners.

Kim Nymeyer


Black Diamond Skier
Costume Designer
Education Advocate
Flower and Garden Enthusiast
Lover of Theater

At Princeton, Kim oversees finance and accounting, as well as advises on client services that focus on the growth of our program portfolio. Kim has been in the insurance business since 1985, and has developed expertise in areas including compliance, licensing, corporate accounting and finance, audits, and customer experience development.

Rich McDonnell


Master of all things IT
Mathematics Aficionado
Sports Junkie
Vegetable Gardener

Rich manages day-to-day operations, overseeing all IT initiatives and driving Princeton’s ambitious efforts to consistently find innovative and rewarding ways to use data to create value. His expertise includes database system design, programming intelligence, database marketing, underwriting, policy development, claims, finance, audits, employee training, and customer experience development. Rich has lent his expertise to the insurance industry since 1992 and brings this significant depth of experience to bear directing and developing key client programs.

Kim Taylor

Senior Admin

Ocean Lover
Old Movie Buff
Camping Enthusiast
Two-team Favorite Baseball Fan
Aspiring Traveler

In the industry since 2011, Kim has developed key roles including underwriting, claims, client relations, policy management, and customer experience development. Her responsibilities include oversight of all claims-related initiatives that drive Princeton’s critical goal of providing extraordinary and measurably warm care to those who file claims in any of Princeton’s programs. In addition, Kim helps manage client services, insurance partner relationships, and focuses on program growth and innovation.